How Coronavirus Affects Sport Events

The coronavirus pandemic has affected numerous walks of life. The damage, so far as we know, is short-term, but its immediate impact is definitely too significant to ignore. Among the industries most affected is the sports industry.

Not only are sports lovers all around the world being denied what has essentially become an intricate part of our existence, organizers, clubs, and broadcasters are also reeling thanks to its economic and financial impact.

We take a look below at some of the leagues around the world affected by the pandemic, and how they’ve chosen to respond to it.

  1. The Domestic Leagues

Premier League: The Premier League, EFL, and the FA cup have been postponed, and are not expected to resume until April 30 at the earliest. The decision of what happens next has not been made but it is expected that the season would continue indefinitely.

La Liga: The La Liga has also been indefinitely postponed. it was initially postponed for at least the next two round of matches. Real Madrid players were also taken into quarantine after a player on the basketball team tested positive for the corona virus.

Serie A: The Serie A season have been postponed and a number of Juventus players have entered into quarantine after a club defender was confirmed to have been infected. As of now three players of the club has the virus including the dynamic winger, Paulo Dybala.

Bundesliga: The German Bundesliga has also been affected by the virus, with all League games postponed until at least the first week of April. It is expected that the league will remain postponed until the pandemic clears over.

Other leagues such as the MLS, league 1 and league 2 have also been suspended.

  1. Club Competitions

Champions League: UEFA Champions League matches were played behind closed doors before the virus escalated, and now all games are to be suspended until further notice. The quarter-final draws which ought to have taken place after the matches were also suspended.

Europa League: Being run by the same organizers, Europa League followed the steps of the Champions League in postponing all matches and draws for the quarter-finals.


  1. International Competitions

FIFA: The rule stating that all players must be released by their clubs for international fixtures was relaxed by FIFA, and all international fixtures supposed to have taken place in March and April were postponed indefinitely.

Euro 2020: The Euro 2020 competition has been moved to 2021. UEFA announced this decision, and mentioned it was a way to ensure that clubs have a chance to complete their seasons without worrying about the competition getting in the way. The proposed formats, stadiums and every other details remains the same for the next year.

Copa America: The COPA America competition scheduled to take place from 11 June to 11 July 2021, has also been postponed by the organisation in charge, the South American football Federation.

Africa Nations Championship: African Nations Championship games were supposed to take place in Cameroon later in the year, but has also been postponed indefinitely.


Other Sporting Events

Other sporting events that have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic include cricket games (postponed), PGA EuroPro tour (cancelled), MMA fights (postponed) Motorsports (postponed or temporarily suspended) and rugby games (suspended).

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